07 The Murder of Tim Bosma - Part 1

[Part 1 of 6] In 2013, a 32-year-old family man took two potential buyers for a test drive in the truck he was selling. He never returned from that test drive. What happened? Was it about the man or the truck? This is a heinous, senseless murder that shocked the nation and still continues to do so.

This episode is part one in a multi-part series that covers three cases over six episodes. All episodes, in order, are:

07 - The Murder of Tim Bosma - Part 1

08 - The Murder of Tim Bosma - Part 2

09 - The Murder of Tim Bosma - Part 3

19 - The Murder of Laura Babcock - Part 1

20 - The Murder of Laura Babcock - Part 2

33 - Dellen Millard and the murder of his father


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Death in the Family by John Chipman

Tim’s Tribute - registered charity dedicated to providing assistance to the families of innocent victims of homicide

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