Virginia Gay (She's back!)

The wonderful Virginia Gay is back with us once more.

Not only is she returning to the podcast, but she's also returned to Australia after a stint in the US.

It was a big trip for her in more ways than one.

Not only did she have to battle through COVID (quite literally, she actually got it), but her time in the states was the first time Virginia had been truly cut off from all the support systems she'd built up down under.

Suffice to say, adjusting to that reality wasn't easy. In fact, Virginia will be the first to admit that her adjustment period led to her engaging in the art of “floor sobbing” more than once.

But through the trials and tribulations of living alone in America, Virginia's learnt a lot about recognizing her own strengths and the power of being truly vulnerable..

Thank you to Uncle Jack Charles for the acknowledgement of country.

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