Scott Ryan: Mr. Inbetween

Scott Ryan’s story is one of patience and persistence. After creating his now famous hitman character Ray Shoesmith at university, Scott spent almost 20 years refusing to give up on the idea, never acquiescing to offers that would’ve seen more established actors assume the role.


Scott resilience finally paid off in 2018, when Fox greenlit a one season run of Mr. Inbetween: a black comedy centred around the life of (you guessed it) hitman Ray Shoesmith. Three years and two seasons later, the show is a qualified success. Crucially, though, Scott Ryan has written and starred in every single episode.


Although it’s ended happily, Scott’s path of delayed artistic gratification hasn’t been without some bleak moments. Here’s how he navigated them.


Thank you to Uncle Jack Charles for the acknowledgement of country.


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