Sandra Pankhurst, The Trauma Cleaner

Sandra Pankhurst was a spectacular person.

A transgender woman, Sandra lived many lives - child abuse survivor, drag queen, sex worker, funeral director, trophy wife, government candidate, and CEO of the life changing business, Trauma Cleaning Services.

Her and her team would enter the most harrowing of circumstances; crime scenes, the homes of hoarders, bio-hazards, and act without judgement or prejudice. The TCS' focus is compassion, and kindness.

Earlier this weekend, Sandra Pankhurst passed away. She suffered from a serious pulmonary condition, and was believed to be in her late 60s. She was surrounded by her family, and her beautiful dog Moet.

All of us at the Calm Ya Farm team pass on our deepst love and condolences.

Thank you to Uncle Jack Charles for the acknowledgement of country.

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