Ryan Shelton

Comedian and multi-skilled creative Ryan Shelton is, obviously, a man of immense and varied talents. Arguably the greatest skill he's developed though, has been his ability to survive over 20 years of being best friends with Hamish Blake.

The two first met in school, quickly bonding over a mutual love of comedy. That passion for laughter would carry through to their uni days, as Ryan and Hamish -alongside Tim Bartley and Andy Lee - created sketch show "Radio Karate" on channel 31.

At the time, Ryan believed the show would be his first and last foray into comedy before pursuing a career in advertising. But Hamish, in tandem with (guess who) Andy Lee, had other ideas.

Of course, Hamish and Andy went on to become the star duo we know them as today, and their wild ride of success has been fun for all involved.

And usually, when your best friend is out there kicking goals – you’re celebrating with them every step of the way. But Ryan struggled to be truly happy for his best mate.

After all, how could he be when Hamish was living out Ryan’s comedy dreams.


For a long time that feeling of envy was hard for Ryan to admit to himself, let alone Hamish.

But eventually, in 2019, during a dinner between himself and Hamish – Ryan finally worked up the courage and found the right moment to tell the truth.

Here’s the story of how it all happened. 

Thank you to Uncle Jack Charles for the acknowledgement of country.

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