Episode 17: Imposter Syndrome

We discuss wardrobe pare-down techniques, as Ann records from inside her closet. Why red carpet season turns us into human garbage monsters. Women who don’t want other women to have abortions. Sophia Grace shouts out her girlfriends, but where is Rosie? This week in Shine Theory, the delightful contestants on Masterchef, Jr. This week in menstruation, an IUD update and don't flush tampons. And, how to deal with imposter syndrome.
Reading List:
Closet pare-down
Women who don’t want other women to have abortions
Alison Turkos shoutout
Shine Theory: Masterchef Jr
Mark Ronson - Leaving Los Feliz (ft. Kevin Parker)
Sophia Grace - Best Friends
Nena - 99 Luftballons
Hannah Rad edit of Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend