436: EBV, Weight Loss Analysis, Interstitial Cystitis, Oral Allergy Syndrome, Natural Antihistamines, Tattoo Dangers, Supplement Timing (HouseCall)

We're continuing on with our massive Q&A this weekend on the Cabral #HouseCall!

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Cheryl: After 25 years with autoimmune problems, I'm hearing about a new cause centering around the Epstein Barr Virus, which I had . That in effect, if you get rid of the Epstein Barr Virus, which stays hidden within cell barriers in the body , you can create wellness. That in fact, the body is not out of sync attacking itself, but is actually attacking an invading cell. Especially is noted in Hashimotos which I have, where this Epstein Barr Virus attaches itself . Do you have information on these new findings and might this be a breakthrough and how do we go about ridding ourselves of residual Epstein Barr cells. Thank you


Ellen: How do you determine so many of the recommendations you provide in your personalized weight loss analysis simply by analyzing saliva and small blood droplets. My Integrative docs have always taken a lot of blood work. Thank you


Anon: Hi Stephen! I have dealt with interstitial cystitis for a year now and it is terrible! Since I was diagnosed, I have been eating very clean (no wheat, dairy, soy or refined sugar) and have been trying to incorporate more fruits/veggies into my diet. I have definitely improved but I still have much more work to go...any advice on how I can get rid of it for good and stay healthy? Thank you so much!


Natalie: Hi Dr. Cabral! I'm curious what your thoughts are on Oral Allergy Syndrome? Is there a way to combat it/lessen the symptoms/reverse it? Thank you! Natalie


Lindsey: Hi it's that time of the year where I get hay fever! Please can you help me with a natural remedy for this so I don't have to take antihistamines everyday! Many thanks! We love you in the UK - come and visit us soon!


Brooke: Hi Dr. Cabral, First, thank you for providing quality information for free to the world daily! My question is, do tattoos damage the body? If so, how? What are the long term effects? thank you for your time, Brooke Elise


Lauren: Hi Steve, I have a few questions in regards to when to take certain supplements and if it matters. I loved your podcast on top 10 supplements and just purchased the magnesium as well as the D3. I have deficient in B12 and Folate/Iron so I was going to purchase the Activated B complex as well. Can you please let me know if i should take these at specific times? I currently take D3 right before breakfast as well as my probotic and magnesium at night. Also, do you know when your nutritional support protein shake will be back in stock? Thanks! Hi Steve, Thanks for answering my questions in regard to magnesium. I was wondering in the one you suggested, I see the inactive ingredient is hypromellose. Is this something I should be weary of? I have read a lot of different things but it is hard to follow and fully understand. Thanks


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