2298: Night Shift Eating, Gene Mutations, Daylight Savings vs. Biology, Athlete Extra Needs, Nocturnal Convulsions, Cow’s Milk for Kids (HouseCall)

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…


Stephanie: Hi Dr. Cabral! I am a night shift nurse and I am having a tough time with timing my meals/food during the nights i’m working. I am trying be as healthy as I can working night shift (7p-7a). I know the number one best thing for me to do for my health would be to switch to day shift but unfortunately with the staffing shortage at the hospital I am unable to switch as of now and need to stay on nights. I work 3 nights of 12hr shifts a week. Would you be able to recommend the best meal timing for the nights i’m working? I have listened to your podcasts about meal timing for a normal sleep cycle with being awake during the day which I follow on my days off! :) Thank you so much! -Stephanie, a fellow New Englander


Anita: Thank you for your podcasts and all you do to promote health and wellness. I appreciate you. I am not able to tolerate any of supplements or even the detox protocol. I do ok for one or two days and then I am terribly sick and cannot even tolerate hardly any foods. I have CYP2C19-2 copies of variant. Overall functional effect- no enzyme function (drugs less effective, increased chance side effects, and unable to clear from liver- blood thinners, PPIs, anti fungals, anti seizure drugs, SSRI'S, and TCAs. I also have SLCO1B1- one copy. Predicted decreased function. Overall functional effect- Decreased protein function. One copy of Hemochromatosis HFE variant also, may not increase risk. My question is: is there an enzyme I can take something I can do to reverse the effects of these genes? Thank you so much!


Erica: How does daylight savings time affect our biological processes and rhythms?


Erica: Would you ever consider doing an episode that sums up all the recommendations that you would make specifically for professional athletes and how this differs from the average client? For example, through trial and error I feel that my body tends to need more vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium; I've also found ashwaganda to help, as well as higher protein, and I also tend to feel best after around 9 hours of sleep even though my genotype is kapha-pitta (for reference, I'm a professional boxer so there's around 2.5-3 hours of training and about another 1 of walking every day, so it's high demand). I'm a newbie to the podcast but I wanted to thank you because it's already become a constant part of my routine to listen to every morning, which is really comforting and helpful so I really appreciate you putting all the time and effort into doing these episodes and connecting with your audience. Also, I was wondering if you've heard of the hypnotherapist Marisa Peer? You give so many great recommendations, and after listening to a few of your Motivation Monday podcasts (which are some of my favorite), I thought her YouTube videos on mindset and taking control of inner narrative might be something you (or other members of the audience) might enjoy so I wanted to pay it forward :)


Terry: My wife thinks I have nocturnal convulsions. She said I have the symptoms as described by Dr. Google. I searched to see if you have ever discussed nocturnal convulsions on your podcast and did find any hits. If that is what I have, what can be done? I have run the big 5 labs and I have a good idea of my mineral deficiencies that I am working on improving. The symptoms seems to have gotten worse since I have been walking 10,000+ steps per day.


Jamie: Thank you again for everything that you do and your help to help us all be a little better every day. Really appreciate you and your team. We have a bit of a quandary at home as we have a toddler aged just over 2.5 years and a new baby around 16 weeks old. Whilst my wife and i do not have any dairy in the house (i've largely fixed my gut and know i have a sensitivity and she is very much on baord and will do big 5 later this year). EVery medical practicioner is pushing dairy, her nursery has dairy every day. She is exposed to some and we are ok with it as we control what we can at home but there is a worry about her receiving enough calcium for her growth. What specifically would you suggest food / drink wise if you were to cut dairy completely to ensure your kids had enough calcium when growing? Also as an extra add on question does this change as they get older...?thank you again


Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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