2374: Mittelschmerz, Probiotics & Mood, Semen Retention, Detox Nausea, Insulin & Fasting, Glyphosate Ban (HouseCall)

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Sierra: Hello Dr Cabral, And thank you so much for everything. You have been such an amazing mentor to my husband and I and we are loving the IHP course, can’t wait for level 2! I had my first child two years ago (2019) with no complications during pregnancy. The only “complication” that I can say is that for a few hours after giving birth I couldn’t urinate on my own, which led to a catheter insertion to empty my bladder. I’m not sure if this can be related but I’ve been having this excruciating pain every month for two years, about 14days or so after my period (which made me believe it could be Mittelschmerz) that basically Inhibits me from living a normal life for 2-3 days. I can’t walk and if I do I’m hunched over holding my left lower abdomen (where my ovary is) due to a constant dull inflamed pain. Any how, I have been to the ER countless amount of times, have had blood work, seen multiple specialist, and I have been left with the same depressing answers “everything’s normal” or “you’re probably stressed because you are a new mom”… It’s been two years and the only options they are giving me is birth control (which I tried for 6 months and it didn’t help) or exploratory surgery. What would you recommend or what could be the reasons to why I’m having this on going pain? Thanks again


Alicja (Ah-leets-yah): Hi Dr.Cabral, Thank you for all your amazing work! I hope you can help me with my gut question: I've been dealing with gut issues for a while. I took probiotics daily and it wasn't until I found your podcast and learned that with people like me, probiotics may make things worse. I stopped taking probiotics and I noticed less bloating, however my mood dropped down significantly. I understand the gut-brain connection and I know I need to heal my gut to feel mentally happy too. Taking probiotics daily helped me stay happy and positive, but I noticed big shift in mood when I don't take them. I feel depressed. I'm currently on Para Support protocol (next will be CBO) Any advice for me during my protocols. Should I suck it up for a bit and still avoid probiotics for a while. Or should I start taking probiotics again and along with Para Support? Maybe just s.boulardii? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you again for all you do.


Darren: Good day Dr Cabral. I don't know if a trigger warning is needed prior to this question but is semen retention something that's actually beneficial for men? That is going days, weeks, even months with intentionally minimising ejaculating usually done by either abstention, stopping (intercourse or self pleasure) before the point of ejaculation, or learning how to climax without ejaculating. While I'm seeing many anecdotal benefits I understand some in ayurveda say that's Prajnyaparadha (unhealthy suppression). I know you usually have a more balanced approach. Will appreciate your take on this.


Malissa: Day two very Nauseous. Took the day off, Just did a dry brush, Epsom bath and drank water mixed with sea salt and lemons (Supposed to be a natural Gatorade). I did sweat so that’s good. Unfortunately. Suggestions for Nausea?


Francesca: Hi Dr. Cabral. I am a type 1 diabetic, female and 24 y/o. When I was 20 y/o, I started restrictive eating and my weight dropped significantly over the course of a year, as did my estrogen levels (below the charts). At that point, I was put on HRT and given doses of estradiol, and progesterone. I also began ED recovery. 3 years later, I have put on 50 pounds while still needing to eat very restrictive, my metabolism is very low, and most concerningly, I am experiencing blood sugars above 500 every day (very low carb diet!). My question is, What EXACTLY breaks a fast? I believe the HRT/ ED recovery has caused insulin resistance, and causes me to take insulin even when in a fasted state. is the insulin itself breaking a fast? There are a lot of studies that interchange the action of eating w/ the action of insulin secretion, but because I am a diabetic, one does not automatically follow the other. I just began taking Triphala, and noticed it has lowered blood glucose. But again, is this a fix to lowering insulin needs, or is this essentially processing the same as insulin, and furthering fat deposits? Your past podcasts on fasting suggests a lot of things that cause a glucose spike will break a fast, but does not truly define if its the insulin causing the fast break. Thanks!


Jenna: I heard that Glyphosate will be banned in the US started in 2023. Is that true?? I am praying

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