2297: HSV2, Muscle Knots, Water Softener, Low WBC, High Calcium, Smell Like Foods (HouseCall)

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Anonymous: Hi Dr Cabral! I do the Daily Foundational Protocol Level 2 & immunity protocol. I do have the HSVII. However, I had the C-virus in January. I was sick for half a day, major head pain and then tired but mostly recovered by the next day. 1 week after I lost taste/smell for 5 days. A week after that, I started getting a herpes like rash on one of my fingers. It took a few days to heal. A week later, it resurfaced. I kept an infrared light on it consistently and it healed in a couple days. A week later, it resurfaced. What do I do? I have heard that HSV2 can hide behind heavy metals/Parasite, but I've done the HM & Parasite protocols. Help me out :) Thank you so much!


Erin: Muscle knots...i always seem to have them in my lower neck/shoulder area, especially on my right side. Weight workouts make them even worse. What’s the reason for this and what can I do to correct this? Thanks so very much.


Ernestine: Hello, Is there a home water softener system that you recommend?


Anonymous: Hi Dr Cabral, i have written in before for low wbc.. a quick summary.. i am an anxious perso & an over thinker. A very hard trait to disconnect from for me but i am working on it. I take adrenal soothe, magnesium in the morning, vit d vit c , DNS shake.. in suggestion to my question before you had question i had asked about my low wbc you suggested it could be oxidative stress, which made total sense to me & still does.. but I just recently had some blood work done, the dr was helping me try to dig a little deeper as to why this might be happening as its always on my mind. It turns out i tested positive or its showing up in my bloodwork for EBV &cytomegalovirus. Honestly im shocked & pretty disheartened. I had my cbc drawn and it had actually went up a little & i thought maybe i was doing something right & the same draw as the virus results it had gone significantly down. Im quite frankly scared this is going to lead me down a sad path and i dont know my next move. My cortisol was also high & she said im in adrenal burnout. I listened to a previous podcast of yours (episode 760) i guess I'm wondering if there is anything else i can do or whats your best suggestion for me. Really just feeling kind of helpless. Appreciate any direction from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Steven: Hi! If calcium levels are high in the blood, would you assume that they would appear higher than magnesium in a hair tissue test? And if they're low in the blood, would they appear lower than magnesium? Or is the calcium tested in the hair tissue test different to the one in serum?


Susan: Hi- I’m a psychotherapist who works with many women with chronic gastrointestinal issues due to severe eating disorders and long-term restrictive behaviors around food. When trying to introduce fish for instance- they wake up smelling like fish and it seems to seep from their pores. Other “re feeding” and re introducing “fear foods” leads to chronic bloating, pain, gas, constipation and diarrhea. Due to the behavioral triggering aspect, these clients cannot do any kind of fasting or elimination protocol. And supplements can increase symptoms. Most gastro and even ED dietitians and naturopaths don’t seem to have any lasting answers for healing. I really feel for these clients and want to be able to offer suggestions that might actually help. They are often so frustrated and hopeless- and the symptoms can lead to isolation which leaves them at risk for relapse. Any info and help you have would be much appreciated! Thanks for all you do

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