2381: Consecutive Detoxes, Q-tip Safety, Vaginal Candida, Necrobiosis Lipoidica, Vitiligo Cause, Thrombosed Hemorrhoids (HouseCall)

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Alison: Hi Dr Cabral, thanks for all you do. I appreciate the effort you put into these podcasts. Here are my questions… Does anyone ever need to complete consecutive detoxes (like 2 rounds of the CBO) to fully recover? I’ve heard some detox experts claim that it takes 2 years to fully & safely detox heavy metals. I saw that your heavy metal detox program is around 6 weeks long. I’m not really sure what my question is, but is the 2 year program a fraud? Or can you explain why the time frame is so large between detox programs? Thanks again!!


Richard: Hello Dr. Cabral, Hope your day is going well. I just want to know if using a Q-tip to clean your ears is a healthy habit. I do this after every time I take a shower. Some say it's good and others say it's not good because our ears don't need to be cleaned since our earwax serves a purpose, plus when using a Q-tip you can push the earwax in further and also potentially damage your eardrum. Do our ears need to be cleaned regularly? If so how? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. As always, thank you very much and have a good one! BTW, I tried searching for this & other topics on your podcast page but for some reason it brings up thousands of podcasts even though most of them don't talk about the topic being searched for. Last time this occurred I tried clearing my cache & cookies but this time it didn't help so I wonder if there is anything I can do to fix this and I apologize if you have covered this topic before.


Jessica: Hi does your candida gut protocol help w vaginal candida also?


Lindsey: Hello Dr. Cabral. As always, thank you for your time and knowledge. I am wondering what your thoughts are on Necrobiosis Lipoidica and if you have any tips to make changes to affect the root cause. It seems to also be related to granulomatous panniculitis and lipodermatosclerosis if those are inter-related. Any ideas to heal damage done by any of these?


Dana: Hello, my daughter and I have vitiligo, my father has it too but very little and seems like it's almost disappeared through the years, is there any causes of it or its hereditary and can't be fixed that's what the conventional doctors say, what is your take on that issue? Thank you so much, enjoying the podcast a lot!


Michele: Hi Dr. Cabral! You are the absolute best. I listen to you daily. I have a question about thrombosed hemorrhoids that I cannot seem to find any information on and my Dr. has been of no help whatsoever. I am a 41 year old female, 122 pounds, 3 vaginal births, and have been on a mission to get my health where it needs to be after years of mystery symptoms. A year ago randomly I got a thrombosed hemorrhoid after never having had hemorrhoids before in my life. The weirdest part was it was not the result of any kind of bathroom straining it literally just appeared one day and led me on a journey through hell for 6 weeks. I have been hemorrhoid free for a year and last week low and behold another one appears again with no straining. I have run my hair minerals test, candida, metabolic and vitamins test, have been working with an IHP and am on week 4 of the CBO protocol. I have been on a high fiber plant based diet, tons of water and walking, take the CBO supps, magnesium, and have added in some hemorrhoid support supps from Amazon because I am desperate. I am at a loss for why I would be getting these. Is this a weak vein issue? from having kids? just hormones and me getting older? I am living in absolute fear of this being a constant problem. Please help!

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