2339: Addison’s & Diet, Kids and Supplements, Ectopic Heartbeats, Thyroid Antibodies, Recurring UTI’s & Antibiotics, CBO Protocol & Eating Baked Goods (HouseCall)

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Michael: Hi Stephen, hope you are keeping well. I’m an Addison’s disease patient since July 2021 after a long few months trying to get a diagnosis - brain fog, weight loss, anxiety and panic attacks, adrenal crisis and OCD. I’m hearing a lot about different diets for autoimmune diseases and wondering your thoughts on cutting out gluten sugar and dairy to help. Currently taking hydro and fludrocortisone daily. Also in terms of vitamins what should I be taking daily just need some help getting my life back on track. Also I’ve had covid twice which def didn’t help with addisons. Recently came across your podcast on adrenal fatigue and heard you have addisons as well. The thought of being on these heavy meds for life is kind of scary. I had all the symptoms you had and would love your opinion. Thanks Michael


Rachel: Hi there, Just wondering if you could do a podcast on your recommendations for children and supplements. I'd like to find out if it's necessary to provide children with Multivitamins and/or what supplements you suggest they take in conjunction with a balanced diet. Thank you.


Nicole: Hi Dr. Cabral. I have a question about my ectopic heartbeats. I've been battling chronic fatigue, stress, and gut issues for a few yrs now after having tragedy after tragedy in my family happen. Anyway I did do the oat test and HTMA as well as food sensitivity test and have a plan going forward to heal and seal my gut. However one very mysterious symptom I've been having ( out of a few actually) is that I get ectopic heartbeats all the time! Not just a few but hundreds a day. I did a heart ultrasound as well as 24 hr heart monitor and they found nearly 2500 pvc and pacs in a 24 hour period. These tend to happen during early morning and in the late afternoon into the evenings. They have gone away for weeks at a time entirely only to return once again for weeks- months. My cardiologist says they are benign and that its just anxiety. Wjat are your thoughts. I don't feel like I'm an anxious person although I do know with my ongoing health challenges and emotional stresses in the past this could have played a role to some degree. My thyroid panel is optimal at 30mg armour thyroid no no more antibodies present. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Sarah: Is it possible to completely get rid of thyroid antibodies? Mine has hovered around 300 for years and deciding if damage is done and should just go on thyroid med instead of chasing full reversal! Thankful for people like you putting in the time to help the world!


Courtney: Hello! Your story resonated with me as my 5 year old daughter has been on a daily 6ml antibiotic the last 2 years for recurring UTI’s due to holding and reflux to the kidneys. Doctors believe she will grow out of it. I’m very concerned that the daily nitrofurantoin is ruining her gut flora and what this will mean for her future health. Even with the daily antibiotic she will have a UTI once every 3 months and will be on a full 10 day course of another antibiotic (keflex or Bactrum). She will be starting biofeedback when she is 6 (October). We give her a daily probiotic: Jarrow YumYum dophilius. What more can we do to help her break this cycle, get her off a daily antibiotic and get her gut health back? Thank you so much! Courtney


Rita: Hi! I’ve attempted the CBO protocol twice but can never seem to follow through properly all the way to 12 weeks. The problem is that I own a bakery and am always tasting our products for quality a few times a month, especially when we’re creating new flavors. My bakery business truly brings me and my customers joy and fulfillment, so quitting that is currently not an option. I’ve taken the food sensitivity test and am highly sensitive to gluten, dairy and eggs. I don’t need to have entire servings of our pastries but I’m wondering if this will affect the effectiveness of the CBO protocol during and after the process. I know I desperately need to rebalance my gut but don’t know how to balance this with my livelihood. Please help! Thank you so much.

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