How LPL became Australasia’s biggest esports broadcaster from the base of the Sky Tower

This week’s guest on Business is Boring is Duane Mutu, founder and CEO of LetsPlay.Live.

Esports are big business, with the number of people playing competitively and the number of spectators watching them play on a wild growth curve. With admission to big events, national sports associations and scholarships available for esporting phenoms to universities and colleges, esports are now recognised as sports.

The money involved is massive – with billion dollar companies being built on the periphery, the industry is already way bigger than Hollywood. One part of that industry is LetsPlay.Live (LPL). It’s the biggest esports competition and broadcast platform in Australasia, with more than 400,000 members in its community, and it’s all run production studio in the base of the Sky Tower. 

The company’s founder and CEO, Duane Mutu joined Business is Boring this week to talk through the industry, the business, his journey and where esports is going.

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