"It’s crazy how much it’s still scary to stand out there by yourself." — SATE

Blues, band nerds, Tarot cards, Toronto nightlife stories, fear, laughter. This conversation with Toronto musician SATE has it ALL. The late jazz and literary critic Albert Murray wrote about the blues as an Indigenous American tradition of resilience, an active and ongoing process or mode of confrontation and improvisation. Resilience is the blues, the blues is resilience. In her own way, SATE weaves a story of blues as a kind of grounding: in ancestry, self-identification, and — yep resilience.

SATE: stateofsate.com

Salome Bey, "You're Gonna Fall (1970)"

Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters, "Smooth Sailing" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jDDtUFUgbM

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UNDER by Dyani is available now: dyani.bandcamp.com

Theme song, "Dark Beings" by LAL

Original music by Jahmal Padmore

Artwork by amad.studio

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