"Any type of art, you sort of have to lock yourself up β€” just you and your brain β€” which can be scary. I do see the labor organizing and the wave of unions as a way for people to fight that. To be like, 'No, I'm not in this alone, it's not just me.' Giving up this idea that if you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, you'll get all the credit β€” because the credit is just not worth it." β€” Haley Mlotek

Very great episode here featuring writer and editor Haley Mlotek, one of the many Torontonians now living and working in New York City. Haley and I met when she was the publisher of the scrappy and beloved indie pub WORN Fashion Journal (RIP), and worked together when she was an editor at The Hairpin (also RIP? wow, I hate this!). The breadth at which Haley grapples with pretty much everything is inspiring, and comes from a love of deep research and contemplation. In the past couple of years Haley has offered me indispensable advice as I went through a self-imposed writer's rehab. This episode gets at why I wanted to have her on: I've long felt insecure about my educational and professional blind spots as a writer, and Haley has always helped bring me up to speed. This episode goes deep into her circuitous journey to writing, as well as her work with the National Writers Union Freelance Solidarity Project. I hope that this episode gives you some insight into why it's important for creative people to de-romanticize their pursuits, in order to have better access to material supports that help ease the big ideas into existence. Oh, and UNIONIZE SOUNDCLOUD!!!

Haley: twitter.com/haleymlotek

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