"I think I've realized that I'm a very committed person. I love music and in love of something it's not going to be perfect — because it can't be. Nothing can be just good. You have to have moments of it being frustrating, and like, 'Why isn't it giving me more? Or why isn't it giving me less? Or whatever you think you should have in it." — Casey MQ

I hope this episode brings you some respite amidst the unknown xo

I've been wanting to chat with Casey MQ since I started this podcast. I've been a big fan of his work for a long-time. First, as a member of the intriguing soul-funk band Unbuttoned, then as a collaborator of some of my favourite Toronto artists like Zaki Ibrahim, Sydanie, and L Con, and finally as a solo performer in his own right. Casey's voice is insane, emotive and redolent, and also a little sexy. We talk about his debut EP Nudes, and inviting sexiness in, what it means to be inspired by the purity of your early fandoms, making solo music and balancing a million side projects, and what it means to be a collaborator in Toronto.

Casey MQ: caseymq.com

Club Quarantine: instagram.com/clubquarantine

Music: L CON Ft. Casey MQ "The Art of Staying Tough," Casey MQ, "Between Water"

Theme song: "Dark Beings" by LAL

Original music provided by Jahmal Padmore

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