#63 Sales Strategy for Scaling your Coaching Business


The BEST strategy I’ve ever seen work, for coaches, mentors, and course creators who want to scale…. that’s what I’m sharing in this episode.

Firstly, let’s just get clear about what I mean by ‘scaling’ as it’s often misused.

Scaling is where your business revenue grows, but your costs and expenses don’t. It’s where business starts to feel easier, and you’ve got the team and infrastructure in place to really start expanding.

So this strategy is for coaches who want to build a coaching empire, rather than just a modest-sized business.

And it’s the strategy of ONLY selling results you’ve created!

So you start with something personal that you’ve done, that others want to know how to do, and you master it and then teach it to others.

  • build a framework
  • hone your method
  • collect some kickass testimonials
  • and sell the program again

Once that program is robust and reliable, select another result you’ve created…. one that’s craved and desired… and master that too.

Again, build a framework, deliver it, get your clients the incredible results they want, and then sell it on repeat.

When you stick to selling the results that you’ve personally created and mastered, your energy will be FIRE.

Your authenticity will shine through and become so infectious that clients will be magnetised to it.

Are you going to try this? Let me know if you do !!

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