# 57 How to Get What You REALLY Want !!


You’ve got big dreams, right? Most people who listen to podcasts are doing it because they want to expand their knowledge….because they’re on a journey to somewhere exciting.

That’s you, isn’t it? You want more. You know in your heart that you’re meant for more, and you’re determined to make it happen.

Motivated people give up time to listen to podcasts.

Committed people take the action on what they’ve learned.

And successful people are the ones who stop at nothing… 

In this episode, I’m sharing the formula for getting WHAT YOU WANT !!

you might have heard of reverse engineering… well this is the breakdown of how it works.

Stephen Covey… start with the end in mind

  1. Know what it is - specificity, get grounded into it
  2. Know how you’ll measure it - numbers/feeling? reward and celebration !!
  3. Plan the milestones towards it (usually between 5-7)
  4. Know the blockers (and then manage them)
  5. Take action !!

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