#54 Getting Better Results for your Clients

When you set out on your journey to build a coaching business, I’m pretty sure a big part of the pull you felt, was because you wanted to help people.

Maybe you came from a corporate role, or you’ve got a lived experience of something that other people struggle with. Whatever your background, coaching is all about our mission to help and support others.

My mission is to help women create wealth through their wisdom and expertise. I really do care about your feeling about showing up and selling with confidence, because when you do that, you’ll be able to help and serve more people with your gift.

So far I’m privileged to have taught over 2,500 people to sell with ease, not sleaze, and I’ve helped my clients to make over $ 2 million. Wow, that feels so good to say out loud!!

But one of the things I hear a lot from the women coaches that I support is that they worry about being able to create results for their clients. They believe 100% in what they do, but then carry the burden of their clients implementing and getting a tangible ROI.

So I created my SPRINT METHOD as a way to not only get results but to get FAST and CERTAIN results.

Some of the vital components of getting RESULTS for your clients are;

  • Specificity of the result you create - how clear are you on exactly what they really want?
  • Process - do you have a tried and tested process that creates certainty?
  • Resources - you’ll need to be able to support the client with the new learning
  • Implementation - what do the support and accountability look like?
  • Next steps - what’s the purpose and longer-term tangible outcome?
  • Tracking success is always important as it’s how you’ll know when to celebrate success

I’m running my next Sprint to help you Book More Discovery Calls.

In the last cohort, Rebecca got a 100X return on her investment and Lauren booked 7 calls with new clients!!  

If you want to grab a place on the Sprint, drop me a DM with the word SPRINT and I’ll send you the info that’s gonna blow up your diary with new discovery call bookings!!!

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