#53 My BEST Tips for Getting Sold Out in your Launch


Once you commit to doing a live launch, you want to make it the BEST ever!! And the truth is, live launching is a phenomenal way to increase the size of your audience, build lasting connections and trust and of course… make money.

Live launching gives you that big cash injection that feels so rewarding, but it can also bring with it some mindset wobbles, overwhelm and a total rollercoaster of emotion.

I’ve created this episode to give you 6 practical tips to keep things simple, and super successful.

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Here’s a reminder of the tips I shared;

  1. Give yourself enough time to plan (at least 2 weeks before a Masterclass, and 4 weeks for a 5-day Challenge). The whole launch is usually 6 weeks and the more you create content in advance, the easier it will feel.
  2. Use my 6P Framework to support you - Planning, Pre-launch, Promote, Present, Profit, and Post-launch.
  3. Forecast your numbers - expect a 25-30% show-up rate and plan for it.
  4. Manage your mindset and energy. It’ll feel like a rollercoaster but enjoy it. Self-doubt may kick in, feeling like you can’t show up anymore, worrying that you’re being annoying. Keep going.
  5. Make it personal - the more you reach out and create a personal connection, the better the launch will convert.
  6. Remember - the revenue is in the replay and the fortune is in the follow-up!!

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