#52 5 Ways to Make FAST Cash This Week


It’s something I hear quite a lot… “Rach I need to bring in some cash pretty quickly, what can I do?”

And a few of our loyal listeners have asked this recently too, so what better topic to cover on our 52nd episode !!

This is a special episode for me because it represents my commitment to a whole entire year’s worth of episodes… I’ve truly loved creating this podcast for you.

So I’m GIVING AWAY FREE COACHING !!!! Yes, 3 of you are going to WIN a free coaching session with me as a celebration for reaching 52 episodes, and for helping me spread the word to more women in online businesses who want to master sales and lead generation.

And in addition to the 3 free coaching sessions, I’m also giving away a $1,000 voucher to spend on any of my programs !!!

Here’s how you win;

Screenshot the Podcast on your mobile whilst you’re listening and share it on your Instagram or Facebook Stories. My Insta is @MySalesMentor 

Tell your audience you’re a listener and invite them to listen too… and subscribe of course.

And remember to tag me in so I can see you want to WIN a free sales coaching session.

Sound good?

Hope you enjoy these 5 tips to make FAST CASH !!

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