578: Anton Mattli | Mini Class on Commercial Real Estate

Few things are as lucrative as investing in commercial real estate and even fewer people can truly lead others to find success in it than Anton Mattli. Anton, CEO of Peak Financing, has decades of experience in commercial and investment banking, private equity, and commercial real estate.

He’s held senior management positions at major financial institutions all over the world - directing the structuring for Fortune 500 companies. Over the past years, Anton has been advising family offices, high net worth individuals, as well as private investment funds, in commercial real estate across Europe and the United States.

So jump right in and get ready for some winning investment strategies or, if you will, a mini class on commercial real estate.

Things you will learn in this episode:

*[00:01 - 05:59] Opening Segment*

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* I introduce today’s guest, Anton Mattli
* Peak Financing CEO
* Expert in commercial real estate
* Be sure to check out guestio.com ( https://guestio.com/ ) and start booking
* Anton gives some background
* Finance as a big part of the Swiss culture
* Joining one of the largest investment banks
* The urge to become an entrepreneur
* The corporate background

*[06:00 - 14:02] Winning Investment Strategies*

* Making the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship
* The feeling of being over your head
* The benefits of learning
* The current state of commercial real estate
* Some struggles and others flourish
* The dips and the upticks
* Where to start learning and getting into investing
* Learning and understanding the market
* Advice around diversifying your funds rather than going all in
* Warning signs of a bad syndication
* Past experiences and track records
* Know the company’s true involvement in previous deals
* When to ‘RUN’
* A word from our sponsor

*[14:04 - 19:27] Mini Class on Commercial Real Estate*

* Knowing good from bad deal terms
* Focus on cash flow
* Cash on cash return
* Appreciation and depreciation benefits
* Reit vs. investing with a syndicators
* Reit - buying into a liquid fund
* Syndications - expect that your money is on a long term hold
* Advantages and disadvantages
* Missteps rookie investors make
* Don’t succumb to FOMO
* Underestimating the amount of data you need to gather

*[19:28 - 26:14] Closing Segment*

* Who you know or what you know?
* If you don’t know it you can find the person who does
* Brain to brain capacity
* One relationship that lead to success
* The impact from networking right out of the gate
* A senior manager that became a driving force
* How to engage with Anton
* Links below
* Final words

*Tweetable Quotes:*

“That’s the reality when you try new things, not everything turns out right… there were a couple of times we felt in over our heads, but the advantages when you do that; you learn how to overcome it and you get more confident for future ventures…” - Anton Mattli

“You have to be your own investment analyst. Even if you’re a passive investor, you need to spend a considerable amount of time analyzing these investments.” - Anton Mattli

Connect with Anton by emailing anton@peakfinancing.com , or on LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonmattli/ ) and Twitter ( https://twitter.com/antonmattli?lang=en ). Check out https://peakfinancing.com/ to dive deeper into commercial real estate investment opportunities.

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