Episode 35 - Correspondents' Dinner 3: Prisoner of Azkaban

Episode 35! Correspondents’ Dinner Three: BudPod and The Prisoner of Azkaban! 


Lots of cry laughing in this one. Phil Wang and Pierre Novellie indulge in their RIGHT TO BEAR CANS and go through your fantastic correspondence. The boys discuss genealogy, imperialism and vasectomies. Are YOU a Founding Farter? Do the boys reference poo a lot? Yes, but only via the works of Alan Moore and Germaine Greer! Why not sit on my ass and see how hard it is?


Correspondence includes: wiping your bum on a wet hill, Louis Armstrong’s favourite laxative, using toilet paper mummy hands to pick up dumps (what if poos were alive?), friendly French urinal gay guy, poo-filled harem pants and a naughty story from DEADLINE NEWS! WHAT A SCOOP! thebudpod@gmail.com or @thebudpod on Twitter


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