Episode 34 - Laksa Splitpants!

Laksa Splitpants! Phil Wang and Pierre Novellie vaguely bring back number weapons. Phil got a massage from Wikipedia disguised as a Japanese guy.Pierre’s lost his Laksa Virginity! They’ve been up to their balls in laksa at Sambal Shiok just off Holloway Road. The boys enjoyed some soft-core prawns that make Phil want to believe in intelligent design. What animals are letters? Giraffe’s are a giant h. PodBuds are now so good at tagging bad Brexit jokes on twitter that people fear them. Do you wash your hair before, after or even DURING your haircut? Have you ever grossed out your barber? We discuss a Question Time idiot and Belfast and get distracted by a rainbow before the Laksa made us fall asleep like little BABIES. The harrowing truth behind The Simpsons and the revolting aspects of twee home decorations and greetings cards. Correspondence: Chinese Slugs! Split pants! 


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