Episode 32 - BakePod!

Thirty poo! Phil Wang and Pierre Novellie engage in some BAKE OFF CHAT! It’s a poopy start, beware. We are products of our parents’ anuses. PHIL WAS ON GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF EXTRA SLICE. He met a sexy baby and Stacey OBSEEEEEESSSSSED Dooley! Pierre is suspicious of public cakes and Phil hates huggers. Phil gets Baby Spice to admit her darkest preferences. We pick over Justin Trudeau’s blackface and brownface obsession and cancellation in general: WHAT’S IN YOUR CANCELLATION SURVIVAL PACK? In the correspondence we pay tribute to the SHAKESPEARE of podcasts: Adam Buxton. Bear buttplugs, shart and cancellation insurance, some poops and a REAL Hostel Horror Story! Also including Bake Off Innuendo and racist David Bowie. @thebudpod on Twitter or TheBudPod@gmail.com


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