Episode 26 - BravePod! With Iain Stirling!

BravePod! With Iain Stirling! Phil Wang and Pierre Novellie discuss inspiring quotes before chatting to comedian, sparkling wit and the voice of Love Island: Iain Stirling. The boys chat about Greyfriars Bobby, Lena Dunham describing Iain’s porn glasses, irony, public appearances, having a panic attack at a corporate and being slandered by weirdos, Iain’s audience of organized oldies and youngies, the unoffendablity of Scottish grannies, fizzy juice – a soft drink for a soft man, toothpaste discipline, Iain being the worst scout ever. We do correspondence with Iain and it’s great: I Fucked A Dog the musical, farts and poops. Get in touch @thebudpod or thebudpod@gmail.com


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