Hotline Bling • Buddy's Buddies #017


Greetings to you wherever you are right now, at this current moment in time and, well, history.

It’s been quite the fortnight and it’s hard to believe how much has gone on since we last spoke… Well, what with said amount having happened, and without me having to bring you up to speed on it all, I truly appreciate your ears and attention, and whether or not you stick with me for the whole episode or dip in and out, whatever your listening situation, know that I’m very grateful and that your presence is most certainly noted. THANK YOU XXX

NOW! What we have here is a collection of a few voice memos and recordings sent in by some listeners and friends - mine and yours, or if not yours already, NOW yours - which go into how things have changed, what some people are doing out there, or ways to cope and stay afloat with it all. I’m so happy that there were a few responses and I asked everyone at a weird time, JUST on the cusp of the lockdown so at that point it was very much up in the air as to what we were all doing or supposed to be doing. Now we’re like 2 weeks in so I think I speak for us all when I say WE GOT THIS.

So please enjoy some lovely dispatches from some lovely people who you can catch up with here:

…and please feel free to submit any and all diary entries and your own dispatches to me here on this email:

Thanks so much everyone. At risk of drifting away from the point and talking about Tiger King, let’s just dip into this one and hear from some lovely people from around the area and beyond.

Be well, be positive, stick with it and be in touch. We’ll all be good okay?

Nothing but love ///// Buddy XXX


THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES by Jean Giono (book version)

THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES by Jean Giono (animated version)


HAECKELS RADIO (first playlist - the rest will be easy to find!)

OPEN CULTURE link to 25 million artworks

CURTIS MAYFIELD 'Live!' (Spotify)


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