Specials - Episode 7 - Tomas Holy Interview

It's been a while since we had one, but it's now time for another one of our special episodes of The Brunton Bugle!

A couple of weeks ago, Lee was lucky enough to travel to Brunton Park to speak to four members of the playing and non-playing staff at the club as part of a series of interviews that will be published over the next few weeks here on the Bugle.

First up to speak to us was United's big Czech goalie, Tomáš Holý!

Discussing his career, Tomáš covered a number of topics including:

  • Growing up in the Czech Republic and the influence of his Uncle, a fellow goalkeeper
  • Sharing a dressing room with the likes of Tomáš Řepka and Jiří Jarošík
  • Why he made the move to England
  • How impressed he's been with United's young goalkeepers
  • And how he's finding life in Cumbria

Big thanks to Tomáš for giving up his time before training to speak to us and also to Andy and Amy from the club's media team for helping to set this up.

Keep an eye out for the other interviews dropping on Monday mornings over the next few weeks!


Once again this season, the Carlisle United Supporters' Club London Branch will be sponsoring the podcast!

As part of this sponsorship, they will be providing some useful info for us to share ahead of each away trip in terms of pubs, public transport changes, places to eat etc.

The London Branch is open to all Carlisle United fans across the world - whether you're based in the capital, New York, Timbuktu, Berlin or even Cumbria itself! To find out more, visit their website at www.carlislelondonbranch.org

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