Specials - Episode 11 - Alice and Tom Piatak II Interview

We've been trailing this one for a little while, but finally last week we were able to fit in some time to record an interview for our latest special episode of The Brunton Bugle!

This time around we were lucky enough to speak to Alice and Tom Piatak II via a video call to Jacksonville, Flordia! There was plenty to discuss with our new owners, including how the takeover happened (including CUOSC ratching through their junk folder!), what they think can be brought over from the fan experience at American sports and some of the exciting things fans can look forward to in the near future!

Big thanks to Alice and Tom for giving up their time to speak to us and also to the club's media team for helping to set this up.

We've got some more interviews hopefully coming in the near future so keep an eye out for those!


Once again this season, the Carlisle United Supporters' Club London Branch will be sponsoring the podcast!

As part of this sponsorship, they will be providing some useful info for us to share ahead of each away trip in terms of pubs, public transport changes, places to eat etc.

The London Branch is open to all Carlisle United fans across the world - whether you're based in the capital, New York, Timbuktu, Berlin or even Cumbria itself! To find out more, visit their website at www.carlislelondonbranch.org

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