Behind Enemy Lines Special: Stockport Pre-Wembley - Season 22/23, Episode 52

It's Wembley-week which means a bumper load of content for you all ahead of United's big game down in "the smoke" on Sunday!

You're already had a review of the Bradford win, we've been on the Lower League Look podcast and we've also got a big match preview episode and Twitter Space coming up on Saturday

This episode is a special stand-alone version of our regular "Behind Enemy Lines" feature, where we speak to an opposition pod/fan ahead of the game. This time we're talking once again to Russ from "The Scarf Bergara Wore" podcast for the third time this season!

We discussed Stockport's wilderness years (SIX seasons in the National League North!), their subsequent takeover and rise back into the EFL, their first season back in the league, some of the links between the teams and of course, how excited the Haters fanbase is for the big game.

Check out Russ' pod if you get the chance as there's some great content there, including a series where they took a deep-dive into their time in the National League North.

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We're pleased to confirm that Carlisle United Supporters' Club London Branch will be sponsoring the podcast once again this season!

As part of this sponsorship, they will be providing some useful info for us to share ahead of each away trip in terms of pubs, public transport changes, places to eat etc.

The London Branch is open to all Carlisle United fans across the world - whether you're based in the capital, New York, Timbuktu, Berlin or even Cumbria itself! To find out more, visit their website at

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