Season 1 Episode 12: Dr Pragya Agarwal And The Need To Talk

This week my guest is writer and thinker Dr Pragya Agarwal. She is the author of the amazing book about unconscious bias, Sway, and the super helpful and practical Wish We Knew What To Say, a book that gives parents the tools to have conversations with their kids about race. It’s a must-have. Not just for the parents of brown babies. But for all parents. We should all be having these conversations. She also has a part-memoir, part exploration about what it is to be a woman, out in summer 2021 called (M)otherhood.


Pragya and I talk about what it’s like raising twins, mixed race kids, unconscious bias and the importance of talking to kids about race and racism, and how to do that.

Welcome to Brown Baby, a podcast about parenting and kids and family that asks the question, how on earth do we raise our kids to be joyful and boundless in a bleak world we’re so sad and angry about.

Hosted by me, Nikesh Shukla, a writer, a dad of two and a forty year old man who recently returned to the basketball court because he watched The Last Dance in 2020 and thought, I used to be a super sharp shooter when I was younger.

Each week, I interview fellow parents of brown babies - writers, musicians, chefs, comedians, actors and more - to talk about their parenting journeys and the highs and lows they’ve experienced along the way.


This is a podcast Inspired by my memoir, Brown Baby: A Memoir of Race, Family and Home. A frank, funny and poignant look at parenting, Brown Baby will spark honest, self-effacing conversation about how we tell our kids about the world. Featuring parenting fails, plus the best (and worst) advice Nikesh and his guests have ever received, this is the comforting, uplifting podcast for anyone who’s ever found themselves searching for answers in a sleep-deprived Google hole.

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