Season 1 Episode 7: Max Porter And Dickhead Dads

This week I talk to the incredible writer Max Porter about raising boys, about the responsibilities of a parent, social media paranoia, and what to do when your kids treat you like a dickhead. We're good pals so this is a chat between friends vibesy episode. Max is the author of the new book, The Death Of Francis Bacon as well as Grief Is The Thing With Feathers and Lanny. I am the author of Brown Baby and other things.

How do we raise our kids with joy and wonder in uncertain and – let’s face it – increasingly bleak times?

This is the question explored in weekly podcast Brown Baby, hosted by writer (and dad of two) Nikesh Shukla. Inspired by his forthcoming memoir, Brown Baby: A Memoir of Race, Family and Home, each week Nikesh invites fellow parents of brown babies - writers, musicians, chefs, comedians, actors and more - to talk about their parenting journeys and the highs and lows they’ve experienced along the way.

A frank, funny and poignant look at parenting, Brown Baby will spark honest, self-effacing conversation about how we tell our kids about the world. Featuring parenting fails, plus the best (and worst) advice Nikesh and his guests have ever received, this is the comforting, uplifting podcast for anyone who’s ever found themselves searching for answers in a sleep-deprived Google hole.

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