3.3 The importance of diagnostics in fighting antimicrobial resistance (ft Dr. Hilary Jones)

Why is accurate diagnosis of patients so crucial in the fight against AMR? How do diagnostics work now and what is the best-case scenario in the future? What innovative technologies are being developed?

Diagnostics is a key area in the fight against AMR since it's only through accurately diagnosing patients that the most targeted treatment can be chosen. Without accurate diagnostics, overprescription of antibiotics becomes inevitable. Professor Tina Joshi, Professor of Microbiology at Plymouth University, and Dr. Kaamini Walia of the India Council for Medical Research talk us through this important topic.

This episode also features presenter and doctor, Dr. Hilary Jones, with a fascinating insight into the challenges faced by GPs when prescribing antibiotics, and a deep-dive into the relationship between patients and medicine.

Hosted by Dr. Alex Lathbridge.

Produced by Hiren Joshi, Lizzy Ratcliffe, and Dr. Hannah Macdonald.

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