Elizabeth Ames

Elizabeth Ames is a one of those super, savvy young Australian women who left our shores in her 20’s with big dreams and an insatiable hunger for a career challenge. And she found it! 

Now in her mid 30’s, it seems most Australian politicians, diplomats, or business people of note passing through the UK, will seek out Elizabeth Ames. Which is no surprise given her expertise in trade and investment policy, diplomacy, and UK-Australia relations.

A sharp public affairs and policy strategist, Elizabeth has served as Executive Director of the Aust-UK Chamber of Commerce; she is Chair of the Menzies Australia Institute at Kings College London; and a Director of the Britain-Australia Society

Most recently this energetic go-getter took on the role of Chief Operating Officer at the London based organisation Atalanta – which is where Elizabeth caught our eye. Atalanta is doing fascinating work around the world to amplify the voices and political representation of women.

In this big, broad chat on BroadTalk, Liz shares some bold insights on female imposter syndrome; the art of networking; how she ditched a career in diplomacy, moved countries again, and built a whole new career from scratch. Finally, we also hear what it’s like as an Australian citizen to be locked out of your own country.

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