The queen of the channel, the king of the climate change billboard and the shining a light on endo.

This week, Broad Radio has moved to a new studio! It's exciting because it sounds so good, even if we couldn't have the 1st show with Jo in person due to her being in ISO! Oh well, haven't we gotten good at rolling with whatever this year brings?!

Ange Pippos sat in the drivers seat, Jo was at home and we talked with world record holder, and QUEEN OF THE CHANNEL, Chloe McCardle after she completed her 44th crossing a few days ago, what incredible drive and determination, and you'll never guess what she thinks about to keep her swimming through the long hours!

We also chat with Dan Illic, the guy who is behind the Billboards popping up around the world, aimed at shaming our Government to act on climate change, and the host of the award winning podcast 'A rational Fear'. He's raised the money to create this campaign using crowd sourced funds, like.. well we are!

If you're not across our crod funding campaign which is running over October and November check it out here and help us to create the Broad Radio app!

Our final guest is Kat Stanley, Director of the Endo Help Foundation, talking about how we still have a long way to go for women to get diagnosed and treated for their endometriosis, and how you can get involved with a walk for endo.

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