Pop Up Show 2 - Tricky Periods

Welcome to the second of our Broad Radio (on the go) pop up shows!

For a Women's Health week we partnered with Jean Hailes for women's health,(they know their stuff!) and over the 5 days, covered off areas that are vital for healthy women!

This episode is about periods! Jo Stanley and Zoe Daniel are joined by Isobel Marshall, Young Australian of the year and founder of Taboo, and Gynocologist Dr Liz Farrell, discussing the taboos of periods, and how important busting the myths and breaking those taboos is for young women world wide.

We talk about how the way we manage periods has changed over the generations, what we can do as women to know what's happening with our cycles, why environmental considerations are important for managing periods now, and we also look at identifying symptoms of perimenopause and re-enforcing that what is 'normal' is a range of things.

You'll learn plenty, no matter what stage of life you're at with this episode.

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