A -dealing with the anxiety of coming out of lockdown, and the truth about life for frontline workers

Yes! This episode sounds so sweet with Jo and Bianca BOTH in the new studio, doesn't Broad Radio sound good?

This week was a big talk fest with lots to absorb so we have chopped it into 2 episodes of podcast listening for you. In Episode 44A - listen in to out chat with Mary Spillaine, Psychologist at Headspace, who talks up through the feelings of coming out of lockdown, as many of us on the eastern seaboard struggle with how to get back into life, and we talk about Jo's favourite app and how mindfulness can really help with the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that many of us have.

And then we have a frank discussion with Julia Fox, National Assistant Secretary, of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees' Association, about the stress and difficulty that many retail staff have had to endure over the pandemic as our vital frontline workers, and how the conditions of their employment often fall short of fairness.

Then, once you have finished, head over to the second part, an eye opening discussion about many things that women have been told over the years that are just flat out wrong, when we chat with author Kaz Cooke about her new book 'You’re Doing It Wrong- A History of Bad & Bonkers Advice to Women'.

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