A - turning 40 V 50, growing whiskers and looking like a half german shepard, half dandilion, and why you never stop learning, til you know it all, and then you're dead.

We have turned 40! (shows, not years)

At Broad Radio, we are celebrating every milestone in 2021, because this time last year we were still just an idea, so every show is a blessing!

The same way, that every day is a blessing in our lives and as Jo Stanley and Shelley Ware discover with a very, very funny chat with the incredible, Judith Lucy.

In this podcast episode, (40 Part A) we talk aging, why milestone birthday's can sometimes be really tough, but they can also be an opportunity to pat yourself on the back and look forward with fresh eyes.

We talk about the fact that as you age your eye sight gets worse but so does your facial hair, which doesn't seem fair, and how Judith got around the bubble buddy issue in lockdown last year in a creative way.

Judith tells us about the things she's learning to do now that she never did as a child or a teenager, (she's on her learners!) and she throws her support behind why Broad Radio exists, to give women over 40 a voice on radio, with warmth, kindness, compassion and feminine energy.

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This one is a cracker, and it's only the forst part of our show for the week.

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