Ep 39A - the first woman in the AFL hall of fame, and why hosting lunch for friends at your local library might be the next big thing!

Welcome to Episode 39! In this week's show Jo Stanley and Shelley Ware catch up with the first woman to be inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame, Debbie Lee. We talk about her long, hard fought battle to get AFLW recginized and her work behind the scenes in making the league possible.

We also chat with Monica Dullard, comedian and librarian and we find out why libraries are such special places for everyone in the community, how many books people have on hold (it's a lot), and we discover that people use their local library as a place to hold a dinner party!

So this s part A. We have broken the show into to manageable listens for you. So once you are done, head over to listen to Part B for an incredible chat with young Afghan/ Australian woman Shamsiya Hussainpoor, on her take on the life of women in Afghanistan, and what we need to know, and how we can help. She's an amazing young woman.


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