Shola Amoo on The Last Tree

No Anna this ep, but Hen and Pete are joined by a special guest, filmmaker Shola Amoo. Shola's in to talk about his new film, The Last Tree, which sees a British-Nigerian kid plucked from his rural foster home by his birth mum, who expects him to take root and thrive in London.

Shola talks about the social rules inherent in growing up black in the city, how the expectations on second-generation kids have changed with the arrival of the internet and why grime - "Britain's best black export", according to Shola - offers a template for what black British filmmakers could do with film.

Plus, Shola recommends a under-rated Kanye West album and Hen waves a placard for the Guardian's Anywhere But Westminster video series.

The Bigger Picture, presented by the BFI, is ...

BFI Digital editor Henry Barnes

Anna Bogutskaya, Dice's Head of Arts and Culture

Producer Peter Sale

and special guest, filmmaker Shola Amoo.

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