Blinded by the Light and freedom through fandom

Clamber into your double denim and strap your hands across our engines! On this episode of The Bigger Picture we've got the goss on a film inspired by The Boss: Blinded by the Light, in which a British-Pakistani teen finds an escape from the racism and conformity of 1980s Luton through the music of Bruce Springsteen.

Hen, Anna and Pete explore how hard it is to portray fandom in film, what a Springsteen-centric story has to say to a millennial audience and how Gurinder Chadha's film follows Bend it Like Beckham in exploring how passion can cross cultures and generations.

The Bigger Picture, presented by the BFI, is ...

BFI Southbank Programmer Anna Bogutskaya.

BFI Digital editor Henry Barnes

Producer Peter Sale


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