A Clockwork Orange and pop culture's sexy psychopaths

Slooshy our A Clockwork Orange special, in which Anna, Hen and Pete analyse the impact of Kubrick's stylish, shocking dystopian adventure.

A Clockwork Orange, which is on re-release across the UK at the moment, is based on the book by Anthony Burgess and pictures a near-future Britain, where propriety’s in the toilet, infrastructure’s on the skids and feral youth run wild. Among them is Alex, played by Malcolm McDowell, and his Droogs, a gang of violent thugs who bludgeon, rape and pillage their way through what’s left of polite society.

In this episode we ask: What does A Clockwork Orange say about violence in film?; What makes McDowell as Alex quite so (worryingly) sexy? And just how many bowler hats does Anna own?

The Bigger Picture, presented by the BFI, is...

BFI Southbank Programmer Anna Bogutskaya.

BFI Digital editor Henry Barnes

Producer Peter Sale

Viddy well:

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