Maradona and the curse of genius

How can those with extraordinary talent survive fame's spotlight? We're struggling, so we went looking for answers in the films of Asif Kapadia, specifically: Senna, Amy and his new documentary, Diego Maradona.

The doc tells the story of the Argentine footballer whose genius touch made him a demi-god to the denizens of his adopted home, Naples. In this episode, the last one of season two of The Bigger Picture, we talk about the personal strain of being a public figure, how talent is co-opted by capitalism and - lofty theory alert! - why talented celebrities are the gods we're allowed to hate.

Diego Maradona is screening at BFI Southbank from Thursday 13th June, when we will host a post-screening Q&A with Asif Kapadia. It's on general release in the UK from Friday 14th June.

The Bigger Picture, presented by the BFI, will return for series 3 in July and is ...

BFI Southbank Programmer Anna Bogutskaya.

BFI Digital editor Henry Barnes

Producer Peter Sale

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