BlacKkKlansman, Desktop Docs and Last Chance U

BlacKkKlansman, the latest film from Spike Lee, tells the story of the black Colorado cop who konned (sorry) the klan into accepting him as a member, then brought down a chapter of the white supremicist group from the inside. Critics Kelli Weston and Kambole Campbell join us to talk Spike, race, "passing" and, inevitably, Trump.

Elsewhere, Anna's been CTRL+Ting herself silly thanks to her love of desktop documentaries, while Hen thinks Last Chance U - Netflix's documentary series about small-town American football - can't lose.

The BFI Podcast is ...

BFI Southbank Programmer Anna Bogutskaya

BFI Digital editor Henry Barnes

Producer Peter Sale

Special thanks to our guests, Kelli Weston and Kambole Campbell.

Things to see and do:

The Guardian's Charlie Phillips on desktop docs.

• The Slenderman documentary, A Self-Induced Hallucination.

Transformers 4: The Pre-make.

GQ on Last Chance U

• Spike Lee's alma mater - the traditionally black Morehouse College, invites white students to attend (from Vice).

• The best (old) Spike Lee interview out there.

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