Bait, class and Brexit

Hen, Anna and Pete get a line on a reel-y good film. Bait, BFI-backed and brilliant to boot, is written and directed by Mark Jenkin. Set in Jenkin's native Cornwall, it's a drama about the effects of gentrification on a village fishing community and it says a lot about the state of Britain today.

Bait follows Martin (Edward Rowe), a fisherman without a boat raging against the wealthy Londoners who have bought his childhood home. In the face of tourism and city money, angry, displaced Martin is left floundering. These situations, Jenkin seems to be saying, are where Brexit came from.

Elsewhere in the ep, Anna is hopped up on the Zendaya-starring TV series Euphoria, Hen has been spending time with San Quentin prison's in-house podcast Ear Hustle AND an incredibly awkward bit in which one of the pod earnestly reads out song lyrics about the corrosive effect of captalism on communities. Yay!

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