Ep 8: Crocheting Miniature Sandals for Kittens

In this episode of Bristopia, podcast host Andy Price is in PRISON! Taking place from HMP Horfield, Andy struggles to come to terms with his incarceration for the murder of last episode's guest. Along the way we meet his cellmate Graham, who agrees to an interview in which he reveals his involvement in the Banksy's recent Dismaland exhibition. Elsewhere, Bristopia's chief documentary maker American Intern Exchange Student Justin Crockler is struggling with his latest commission: To find new evidence in the murder case that sent Andy down. Does he succeed? Will Andy be freed? Was there more to the case than meets the eye? Join Justin and Andy as Bristopia goes true crime in an attempt to steal a piece of the Serial Podcast pie. PS Bristopia will be doing a live show in December – make sure you listen out for details.http://www.chaplinmoustachecomedy.co.uk/bristopiahttp://www.twitter.com/bristopiapodhttp://www.facebook.com/bristopiaAnd follow host Andy Price at http://www.twitter.com/andyy_p

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