Ep 11: Welcome to 2017 (Season 2)

Welcome back to season 2 of Bristopia! After a challenging live show closed our season 1 on an appalling note, your host Andy Price finally made it out the other side of his nervous breakdown to host the first episode of season 2. Welcome to 2017 you say? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means we're in the future, keep up. Seriously though, over the break Andy had a bunch of spare time and invented time travel, so season 2 of Bristopia takes place in the future: 2017. It's like the worst sci-fi ever. WE MEAN THE BEST. In today's episode Andy explains, concisely, all of the above. We discuss Bristol's new status as capital of England and meet our new prime minister Gavin Mcfabulous. Elsewhere we find out what office culture is like in the future before finally catching up with American Intern Exchange Student Justin Crockler who presents his latest documentary about how Bristol is now overrun with cat cafes to the extent that many establishments have now had to create elaborate ways to diversify. ENJOY YOUR FUTURE.

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