Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck knows how to take the bull by the horns. After all, she worked on Wall Street for most of her career. As the CEO of Smith Barney, Citi Bank Wealth Management, and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Sallie was called “The Last Honest Analyst” by Fortune, and one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business.”During her career in the finance world, Sallie experienced sexism and an overall disregard of women's investing needs. Now as the co-Founder and CEO of Ellevest, a digital investment platform by and for women, she's addressing these needs and what Sallie calls, the 'gender investing gap'. Listen to this openhearted conversation with Natalia and Sallie now by searching for ”Brilliant Minds” on Spotify, Itunes or Acast.

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