Stop being a people-pleaser

Today’s episode is about an issue that so many people struggle with on a daily basis PEOPLE-PLEASING . 

I will discuss how you can know if you do it ? how it effects your confidence and holds you back, and most importantly ….what you can do about it ?

The good news is that you can change and the advantages of changing will definitely outweigh the disadvantages of staying stuck in a cycle where you constantly ignore your own needs and desires in order to please others.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why I used to be a people-pleaser and almost donated my kidney to someone I hardly knew (1.05)
  • Signs you are people-pleasing (1.57)
  • How doing things with the intention of getting approval can lead to you feeling resentful (4:30)
  • The negative outcomes of people-pleasing (5:03)
  • Why do so many of us people-please? (6:10)
  • People-pleasing Arabs versus People-pleasing Brits (7:05)
  • from polite to passive aggressive (9:10)
  • How requests are often phrased as attacks (10:15)
  • We are taught to lie about our feelings from a young age (12:18)
  • Reconnect with your desires and inner signals (13:25)
  • Things you can try in order to break the pattern (16:30)
  • How ADHD can ignite something called Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria RSD (19:00)


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