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I have a very interesting discussion with CEO ,co-founder and visionary of MUSE, Ariel Garten about the amazing brain sensing headband that tracks your brain as you meditate to aid with better sleep and lessen anxiety. We talk about how she managed to raise $18M to found MUSE from Silicon valley investors as well as actor Ashton Kutcher. And how the band is now used by MAYO clinic.

Ariel is an inspiring neuroscientist, innovator and entrepreneur who has been on CNN several times and featured in magazines such as FORBES, FORTUNE, GQ, O Magazine, and she is described by Bloomberg as “an innovator who completely remakes reality”.

Points discussed:

  • How Ariel's artistic and scientific sides as a former fashion designer and psychotherapist, neuroscientist tied together to create MUSE (1:55)
  • What MUSE does while you meditate (4:15)
  • Raising $18M to found MUSE from Silicon valley investors even though women getting funded in technology can be a challenge (6:28)
  • MUSE helps you understand and observe how your mind works and lessen anxiety (10:07)
  • Creating technology with the intention to help that teaches you how to disengage with stressful technology (15:00)
  • Muse used by Mayo clinic in studies to help women going through breast cancer, pain and burnout (16:50)
  • How the headband can help us stay calm with our partners and children (18:00)
  • How Ariel was raised with positive reinforcement and felt safe to fail (27:00)
  • Why some people are effected more than others by anxiety (30:45)
  • MUSE S (The digital sleeping pill) tracks your sleep (35:40)

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